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Gone are days when if you wanted to get breaking news or any other news, you were to wait till the top of the hour. The internet age has put most traditional news channels that have not been able to keep up with technology out of commission. The paradigm shift has enabled the populace to get real time news whether at work, in school or any other remote destination on their portable devices.  Local SEO Campaigns is also changing the way small business owners are being found by their clients.

The Huffington Post is one such news website. The Huffington Post is an American online website that publishes authority content on the niches of politics, world news, entertainment, technology, and sports. The news website was founded by Ariana Huffington, Ken Lerer, Andrew Breitbart and Jonah Pereti and has now local and international editions.

The Huffington Post official launch came on May 9, 2005, then ideally, an openly liberal/left commentary outlet. It was actually an option to established news aggregator like Drudge Report. The news website was later acquired by AOL, an American global mass media company headquartered in New York. AOL is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. Huffington Post’s acquisition by AOL happen on February 7, 2011at a tune of US$315 million, subsequently Arianna Huffington became the editor-in-chief of the new revamped Huffington Post Media Group.

The glittering days of Huffington Post came in July 2012 when it was ranked 1st on a research conducted by eBizMBA Rank, which listed the top 15 Most Popular Political Sites. The eBizMBA based its findings on every site’s Alexa Global Traffic Rank and United States Traffic Rank from Quantcast and Compete. The same year, the Huffington struck another milestone to become the number one U.S. digital media company to clinch the Pulitzer Prize.

Before creating the Huffington Post, Ariana Huffington hosted a website known as Ariannaonline.com. His debut website into the internet world was Resignation.com that was at the forefront in calling for the resignation of President Bill Clinton and it was a fertile ground for Conservatives who vehemently opposed the Clinton administration.

Later in 2013, the Huffington Post barred anonymous comments. The local editions were launched as follows: Huffpost Chicago in 2007, then HuffPost New York in 2009. September 15, 2009, witnessed the launching of HuffPost Denver, and HuffPost Los Angeles was launched on December 2, 2009. The year 2011 witnessed the launch of 3 local editions including HuffPost San Francisco, HuffPost Detroit, and HuffPost Miami. The HuffPost Hawaii launched on September 4, 2013.

Trending News

Trending News

Things began to blossom for the Huffington Post on May, 2011 when they launched their first ever international edition, The HuffPost Canada. The HuffPost UK edition followed later the same year on July 6. The news website first launched its non-English language in French on January 23, 2012, when they teamed up with Les Nouvelles and Le Monde to launch The Le Huffington Post. The same year saw another French language edition in the Quebec province, Canada. The AOL’s Hispanic platform was pulled down on May Day, and the HuffPost Voces took up its place. The next month, a Spanish and Germany language edition launched, followed by L’Huffington Post, an Italian edition On September 24 and was directed by an Italian Journalist Lucia Annunziata working hand in hand with the media firm Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso. Huffington Post teamed up with Asahi Shimbun to launch the first Asian edition in Japanese. January 29, 2014, saw the launch of the Brazilian Edition as Brasil Post in conjunction with Abril Group, the first ever in Latin America. Greece and Indian edition debuted in September 2014 and the Arabic version, The HuffPost Arabi also launched the same year. Huffpost Australia followed on August 18, 2015. They were contemplating launching the Mandarin version but the strict Chinese policy restricted the website to just lifestyle and entertainment.